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      Trailer Park Nights 3


      eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, Published: 2005
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      Copyright 2004 by Randall Lang

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      "I Feel Like a Genuine BAD Girl..."

      We had started to wake up several times only to drop back to sleep. This time I woke up curled against Linda. My arm was across her and I held her breast in my hand. My cock was swollen and fit neatly between the cheeks of her ass. I began to stretch and move my hand from one breast to the other, grasping and squeezing the nipples. I could feel her start to squirm, her hips pushing back against me. My lips nibbled at her neck as my hand extended its reach downward to her belly. She began to sleepily giggle and coo at my efforts. I lifted her leg and put it up over mine so I could get to her folded treasure. I used a light teasing brush of my fingernails forward and back, and she started to moan. When I found her opening, I ran my fingertip through it, gaining her moisture. I progressively worked deeper into her as my finger became wetter. She began to pant and squirm even more as my damp finger found her most sensitive area. When I thought she was awake I made a dramatic move.

      I flung the covers off of us, wrapped my arm tightly around her and rolled over onto my back. The result was a shout of startled surprise followed by a laugh as she ended up atop me facing the ceiling. I spread my legs, brought them up around her, dropped my feet between her legs, and opened them widely. My arms came up around her, leaving her virtually defenseless as I rubbed between her legs with both hands. For as much as I'm sure she was enjoying the attention, she was laughing at the same time.

      "What the hell was that?" I heard her say.

      "Wrestling move! Whatcha' think?"

      "Let me go and I'll show you."

      I carefully lifted one leg at a time, then opened my arms. She rolled up onto her knees and looked at me.

      "Well that's a hell of a way to wake a girl. I can think of a better one."

      I quietly smiled at her as she threw her leg over me, grabbed my swollen cock, and slowly impaled herself upon it.

      "There, now isn't that better?"

      "Much better."

      She sat atop me rolling her hips and occasionally bouncing. She put her hands against my chest and I held her breasts in mine. I could tell by her actions and her change in expression that her orgasm was approaching. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open while her hips rotated her into ecstasy. I supported her with my hands as she shook and cried out, then sat limply, her head drooping.

      She started to smile, stretched out atop me, which pulled me from inside her. She rolled to the side, grabbed the covers, pulled them over us, and curled in against me.

      "Now, I'm ready to sleep some more."

      "Okay, lazy," I told her, "I've got one for that too."

      I slid to the side and rolled her onto her back. Then I worked myself across her, parted her legs and moved one leg under her and one leg over her. I adjusted my hips until my swollen cock could slide easily and deeply into her. It was a very comfortable, yet intensely sexual position. I pulled the covers over us and grabbed a pillow for my head.

      "Now you can go back to sleep," I teased her.

      "Ooooh! This is nice!" She purred, "I'd love to sleep this way. Wake up and do it for a while then go back to sleep."

      I slowly thrust into her and slowly drew back. She lay with her eyes closed pretending to be asleep. I too felt lazy and continued with more of a slow, easy slide in and out of her. It was nice being half asleep and experiencing this slow-motion sex. I made no effort at control; whatever would happen, would happen. I lay selfishly pleasing myself with her full consent. Presumably, she was doing the same thing; just snoozily enjoying the ride on the "pleasure pistol."

      I don't think either of us actually slept, but it was a pleasant drift between sleep and awake. We had nowhere we had to be and no reason to leave our warm and cozy nest.

      It was Linda who began to "cheat." I felt her hand move down, slide beneath my leg, and begin to rub herself. As she became increasingly 'involved', her hand moved faster and faster. Her hips began to squirm and I attempted to match her. By the time I felt her muscles convulse and her whimpered cries, I had no resistance. My fluid burst forth in cycled squirts as I, too, lay whimpering. As we both finished, I found her hand, drew it to my lips, and kissed it. When I released it, she stroked my cheek.

      When my swollen cock finally shrank away, I unwrapped our legs and moved up beside her. She was now wide awake.

      "You know what?" she asked.


      "I have to pee! Really bad!"

      Then it crept up on me, like when someone else sneezes. "I do too."

      Suddenly she flung the covers off and crawled over me. "Me first," and she dashed off in all her naked glory.

      I lay there feeling greater pressure until my naked little nymph came bouncing back to bed. Then I made my trip for some blessed relief.

      We lay wrapped in each other's arms.

      "I didn't know sex could be as good as it has been with you. Ron liked to 'shoot his stuff', but then he was done. He would never lick me, he would never wait for me. It was like he didn't know I could have orgasms. Or didn't care."

      "Men are really stupid creatures sexually. They're expected to know everything automatically. Most have too much ego to admit they don't. So until they meet some woman who is willing to train them, they actually don't know anything about sex except 'plug and shoot'."

      "I tried to talk to him about it, but he would just walk away. Like he couldn't admit he didn't know."

      Yep! That was the Ron I knew.

      "But it's so different with you! I get all excited about it and I enjoy it. I'd fuck you out in the middle of River Road if you wanted. I was never like that before. I used to walk for miles just to burn off the energy, and try to keep my thoughts repressed. I thought there was something wrong with me. Since I've been with you, it feels so natural and easy. After I was with Ron, I used to have to sneak off to the bathroom and play with myself to get some relief. I felt like my desires were perverted and unnatural. I was actually ashamed."

      "That first time we were together, I just wanted to thank you for being nice and helping me. I thought I'd just tease you for a while, then do a quickie and kiss you goodnight. I never dreamed you'd take charge and open up this world to me."

      "You sure did tease me! You had me half out of my mind! I couldn't get enough of you and it made me happy when you kept cumming again and again. It seemed like you were starved for it and I was more than willing to provide."

      "And last night was nice too. It was hot and dirty and exciting as hell!"

      "You did seem to enjoy it. Women don't usually like those movies. They're supposed to be degrading to women."

      "Not the way I see it. They're up there with guys with big cocks acting out one fantasy after another. If they were being beaten or hurt or embarrassed somehow, that's one thing--but to be up there having good sex and getting paid for it, I'd take that any time. Some of the acting and dialog is embarrassing, but that's part of what they get paid for."

      "You seemed to like certain parts."

      "Seeing the women with other women was exciting. I used to wonder what it would be like to be with another woman, but I thought that made you a lesbian. I was a married woman; I wasn't allowed to have those thoughts!"

      "But you did. How do you feel about that?"

      "Since I've been with you I feel free. Free to think and enjoy and explore."

      "You seemed to like the threesomes ... two women with a man coming in too."

      "When I saw that, it was like I couldn't get it out of my head. Especially those closeups where she's being licked by the woman while the man's inside her. It was as if I could feel that. I wanted your cock inside me so bad! If you hadn't been there, goodness knows what I might have jammed into myself. I'm not kidding! I feel like a genuine bad girl since I've met you and I love it! I have fantasies now that I would have been ashamed to think about two weeks ago. I laid in the bathtub last night before we went out and thought about a line of men as far as the eye could see. Each with their hard cocks in their hands waiting for their turn with me. As soon as one finished, the next stepped up. One after the other, and all I had to do was lay there and enjoy it. I have never in my life thought of anything as raunchy as that! But that's what you've brought out in me. Whether this is just a phase or is the real me, I don't know, but with you I feel free to find out. I never had that feeling before."

      "When I was with Rose she opened doors for me. I've seen and done things I couldn't have dreamed of a year ago. But I also learned about people, especially women. I suppose I was like Ron; stupid and unwilling to admit it. Rose introduced me to people and situations where I learned about the needs, desires, and fantasies of women. I had no clue women were excited by, or wanted the type of sexual things I saw or did. I learned that all women are different, but there are women whose sexual needs are much greater than the average man. I wasn't sure women even had orgasms before I met Rose, let alone chains of orgasms! And we won't even go into that squirting thing! Anyway, I can be your guide as Rose was mine, and together we'll explore."

      She pulled me tighter and kissed me.

      "How would you feel about being with a woman? Not some demanding bitch who wants your head up her snatch, but just a regular woman who would let you explore, and see what you want to do and what you don't. Someone who will let you stop whenever you want."

      "Do you know someone?"

      "I think so."

      "Who is she? Is she someone I know?"

      "Never mind, just answer the question."

      "I wouldn't want some fat piggy woman who smells bad."

      "Neither would I. Answer the question."

      "Will you be there?"

      "Of course. And if you find you don't like it, I'll just ball both of you into a coma."

      She smiled at me. She seemed to think it over as I lay silently.

      "When would we do this?"

      "Later today, if I can arrange it."

      "Here? In this bed?"

      "Yes, if that's all right with you."

      "Then you better change the sheets, these have cum all over them."

      "Why bother? You'll just generate more cum."

      She laughed and tickled me until I squirmed. When she stopped, she whispered, "Do it."

      * * * *

      It was nearly ten by the time I was dressed and out. It was just a short walk up to Merrilee's trailer. I hoped she wasn't still asleep, but knowing her, she was more likely to be on her third drink than sleeping. I knocked at her door and heard her moving inside. The door flew open and there she was, wrapped up in a great fuzzy bathrobe.

      "Well, lookie here! How you doing, honey? Come on in!"

      "Hi Merrilee. Good morning." She closed the door behind me.

      "Sit down, sweetie! Take your clothes off and relax!"

      She walked to the couch and I followed her. I sat beside her.

      "So what brings you here? Your new girlfriend run out on you?"

      Before I could respond her face dropped.

      "I'm sorry, honey. That was thoughtless and stupid."

      "It's all right Merrilee, really."

      She sat at the end of the couch, turned toward me. Her robe gaped open to her navel revealing the swell of full breasts.

      "I wanted to ask you something, and it's rather personal. You don't have to answer."

      "Oh my! Aren't we being formal?"

      "I care very much for you, Merrilee. You've been there for Rose, and you've been there for me. I don't want to do anything to harm our relationship."

      "Well, let 'er fly, honey! Ask what you will."

      "Have you ever been sexually attracted to other women?"

      "Well, sure, on occasion. I imagine all women have been at one time or another."

      "Do you think you'd like to make love with another woman?"

      "I have, and I enjoyed it. I still prefer a good hard cock, but the touch of a woman can be nice too."

      "You've actually done it?"

      She laughed at me. "Honey, there's not much I haven't done. When Rose and Larry lived next door, we used to go out for a drink sometimes. That would turn into several drinks, then we'd all end up in bed together. One time, we were lying in bed with Rose and me in the center, Larry next to me and my Bill next to Rose. I was just drunk enough to be stupid and sexed up enough to be horny. I turned toward Rose and her face was right there. Somehow our lips ended up together and I could feel her hands on me. Next thing my hands were all over her and we're going at each other pretty good. Pretty soon the men "cleared the deck" for us and we wound up doing sixty-nine. Honey, it was nice! Her touch was so different from a man's; lighter, gentler, and she hit just the right places. I guess women just know more about their own bodies than men do, and they find and touch those places men don't even know about. It was the best oral I ever had, and Rose seemed to enjoy it too. I remember her squirting her fluid down onto my face. That scared hell out of me, till I learned what it was."

      Yep! That was Rose.

      "When we finished the guys were so excited, they pounded both of us like crazy. There we were on our hands and knees, head to tail, each with a guy riding us. It was one hot night and I never forgot it. The next morning Rose and I talked. I didn't know what she might think. I didn't know if it was just the liquor, or if she had actually enjoyed it. It turned out she enjoyed it as much as I did. Larry liked to see her with other women, so she did it all the time. She still preferred men, but she liked a woman's touch occasionally too. That was my first time and I never forgot it. We did it a few times after that, but only with the guys there. I liked the way it heated them up too."

      "Do you think you'd like to try with a woman again?"

      She seemed a bit nervous, unlike the usual Merrilee. "That depends on the woman. I had known Rose and Larry quite a while before they happened. If I don't like this woman, I'm sure not going to go 'munchin' her muffin.'"

      "Well I think you know I've been dating Linda Higby." Merrilee nodded.

      "She's learning a lot about herself and her desires, just as you did with Rose. She's expressed an interest in being with another woman. It would be her first time, and she wanted someone who would be gentle and understanding, in case it didn't work for her. You're the gentlest and most understanding person I know, and I thought of you."

      "You are such a sweetheart! I've seen Linda around here; we even spoke a few times. She's a pretty little thing. Well, as long as she doesn't mind being with an old frump like me, let's do it."

      "Merrilee, you're hardly an old frump. You're the hottest babe in this trailer park, you just keep it a secret."

      "Oh yeah! I keep it a secret all right! The only thing I don't have is a neon sign in the window that says, "Hot Pussy here!"

      "Now, Merrilee, you know what a demur little flower you are." She laughed and slapped at me.

      "How about we pick you up about five? We'll go up to University City for dinner and see how you two get along, and if it works, we'll come home and play."

      That sounds fine. That'll give me time to dust off and iron one of those dresses that are gathering dust in my closet."

      "Maybe we'll dust off more than your dress."

      I swear Merrilee seemed to blush! She turned her head aside and laughed, but it was not the usual disdainful laugh. It was almost a giggle. She seemed to be quite excited by this whole thing. I had an impulse.

      "But before we all head off to dinner, maybe I better make sure your equipment is still in working order."

      She acted startled when I dropped to my knees in front of her and flung the bottom of her robe open.

      A quiet "Oh my!" escaped her lips as I hooked my arms under her legs and slid her hips forward. Fortunately she had no panties on. From the first contact of my tongue she began to gasp. Somewhere in the midst of it all I heard, "Well, this is an unexpected pleasure!"

      As my tongue traveled through her, I could feel her swell, soften, and begin to get wet. Once I parted her labia and got to the sheltered flesh beneath she began to moan and writhe. I plunged my tongue deeply into her, then wiggled it up to her puffy little nub. Contact with it brought out louder and more intense moans. I continued my assault until her hands grabbed my head and held it as her body shook. The trailer rang with her cries as the pleasure waves jolted through her. Then as she relaxed she gradually eased her hold on my head. I slowly pulled my head back before leaning forward to kiss her. She was still panting heavily.

      "Hopefully, tonight will be even better," I whispered to her, and I stood up to leave.

      Suddenly she grabbed my belt. "You don't get off that easy, mister!"

      She sat up and shed the robe from her now naked body, then she opened my belt and pants and dropped them to the floor, followed closely by my underwear. My half-hard cock hung at face level. Almost immediately it disappeared fully into her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling around me as I rapidly stiffened. Her talented lips slid over me at varying speeds and tightness, sending jolts of pleasure through me, leaving me with my mouth hanging open. My god, she was good!

      She tuned me up until I felt like my cock would burst, then she backed away, slid her hips forward on the couch and told me, "You know where that goes."

      And she was right. Her pretty red flower gaped open slightly inviting me to fill its emptiness. With great enthusiasm, I moved forward and pressed fully into her. She was so soft, and completely wet. I had forgotten just how good sex with Merrilee could be.

      This was an opportune time for me. I had just had sex a couple of hours earlier so I would last a long time. I was rested and energetic, and really in the mood to show my friend a good time. I was good and hard, and tight, so it must have felt good to her.

      I set a fast hard pace as Merrilee's gasps became pants. Her pants became moans that got louder. It felt good to ride her hard and fast, knowing she was enjoying every stroke. She reached out to me as her first orgasm slammed through her. I coordinated my thrusts so that I was deep inside her as her muscles contracted. Then I drew back and pushed hard again for the next one, and the next, until they had passed. I parked deep inside her as she relaxed. She clung to me, still panting heavily as she half wheezed "So good!"

      Slowly I started to move again, gradually increasing the pace until she was moaning steadily. I enjoyed this! I liked this! I was in control. I was not fighting to resist cumming, and her pleasure was coming from me! The ego boost was tremendous.

      Again her cries grew louder as I pounded into her. I knew she was close again. I lowered my knees to put more force against her sensitive G-spot. That was all it took to set her off again. As before, I matched my thrusts to be inside as her muscles squeezed. Her cries rang about the room. I wished she wouldn't be so loud, the neighbors were close by, but this was hardly the time to discuss it. She held me close as she rested and panted heavily. When I felt her relax, my hips began to move again.

      Once more I was thrusting furiously into her. But I began to feel this time would be different. I felt that tightening which told me my time was near; my control was ending. This time I was struggling a bit to hold on as I rocked in and out of her. I felt her building again, but I didn't know if she would go before I did. Even as I knew she was getting close, I began to feel the first of the pulses. I slammed into her as my warm semen shot forth deep inside her. Again and again, I thrust forward as more fluid sprayed from me. To my surprise, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her in a grip I thought would be far beyond her strength. Even as I continued to shoot into her, her body shook violently as another orgasm wrenched through her. Apparently, she had become so sensitive the feeling of the warm fluid released into her set her off even more. She held on to me as if she feared falling while her body shook with pleasure. Finally her cries tapered off to gasps. We clung to each other, panting for breath until my cock softened, then I slid off to the side, sitting on the couch, still holding her against me.

      As she regained her breath she smiled at me. "I don't know how I survived before you got out of the hospital. I've cum more since you've been home than I did in the last two years."

      I smiled at her. "You have great equipment. You just have to keep it lubricated." I pulled up my underwear and pants, and pulled myself together. I'll see you about five, and we'll play some more tonight. But we'll have a 'buddy' with us." I got serious for a moment. "This will be her first time, you will be gentle, won't you?"

      "Of course, honey! You know I will be."

      I smiled at her as she walked me to the door. I kissed her again before I left.

      As I walked down the road to my place, I soon learned that the neighbors had heard Merrilee's little 'passion concert'. Old Mrs. Jenkins peeped through her kitchen curtain at me until I smiled and wiggled my fingers at her. The curtain instantly flew shut.

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