Sizzler Editions
      ISBN: B004WX2112
      April 2011

      Part One : Our Price: $4.99, Sale Price: $3.99
      Part Two : Our Price: $4.99, Sale Price: $3.99

      Reviewed By: 'Nathan Burgoine

      When J.J. places an ad seeking a mature woman to show him the ways of love, he’s sure he’s got nothing to lose. He’s a loser already, a “buddy” guy that all the girls want to dance with and talk to, but when they’re done talking about their relationships or their lives, they head home with their boyfriends and leave J.J. drunk, frustrated, and back at his apartment once again by himself. He’s a simple guy from a simple state in the city at college with no skills when it comes to the opposite sex – though he knows he’s got the right equipment for the job.

      It’s also fun that Mrs. Kaufman and Me is set in the days of bell-bottoms and frizzy haired hippies. It’s not a time period I see often in erotica.

      At first, the ad gets him crank calls, a prostitute, and a guy or two offering to show J.J. the ropes, but among those calls is a woman who eventually reveals her name as Elaine. J.J. feels a connection to her from the start of these phone calls, and before long, they’ve met – and in a parked car on a public street, they begin his education.

      For me, it’s Elaine that steals the show. For all that we’re following J.J., Elaine has more substance to her. She is a woman married to a professor at the college where J.J. attends, and her husband is a cheating gadabout who long ago stopped being interested in her sexually and has moved on to every young woman on campus who has need of a better grade in his class. Elaine’s attitude is plausible: she rationalizes that she’s “teaching” J.J., and that since he’s not married, her own husband is contemptible, and there is no depth of emotionality to the relationship, it’s safe to have some fun and – of course – sex with J.J.

      The story grows in strength as it progresses. Narratively, the first quarter of the tale or so is Elaine and J.J. meeting up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Elaine “educating” J.J. in various ways, positions, techniques, anatomy, and grooming. Their relationship grows a little tender, which was sweet, and J.J. begins to care about this lovely woman who sets him off so easily – and is teaching him not to explode at a single touch.

      Elaine has laugh lines, and her breasts are not super-pert and her stomach is not flat – she has carried a child and her body, though good, is not in the realm of science fiction. I liked that. It gave her another realistic quality that I enjoyed. Similarly, although J.J. was an athlete in high school, he hasn’t made any of the teams in college, and admits he’s getting a little soft around the edges. These are not two gorgeous people having pornographic sex, they’re two regular people having good erotic fun together. The difference is palpable.

      Their connection continues throughout the story – Elaine slowly unlocks her kinkier side and her fantasies become more public and exhibitionistic as the story progresses. She comes to life for a second time and her journey is usually an empowering one. She is often “in control” but also surrenders control sometimes as well. As for J.J., as grows his confidence – and his erotic repertoire – so grows his success with girls his own age.

      I will admit that I thought I saw where the tale was going, and then it went in a completely different direction. J.J. is – hormones notwithstanding – a sweet guy, and when he starts to gravitate towards a young woman his age, I was waiting for the eventual parting of the ways between him and Elaine, and a denouement that was as sweet as it might be sad. Instead, things grew more kinky, threesomes became moresomes, and although it was a satisfying tale, I did feel slightly jarred. That said, if you enjoy tales of the young and aroused opening their minds more and more to the ideas of exhibitionism, group sex, toys, shaving, partner swapping and the like, you’ll not be let down.

      The sex sizzles – and sometimes fizzles in a fun and fresh way. It’s refreshing to read about a young man who isn’t immediately a natural. The occasional “No, you’re doing that wrong” from Elaine is a nice touch, and all the more satisfying as J.J. figures it out.

      Descriptively, there was one obvious omission – and this could just be the gay male reader in me – when a second man becomes involved in the group dynamic, we get no real description of him whatsoever, beyond his age. And when Elaine wishes to take on both fellows at once, there’s a laugh-out-loud moment where the guys don’t want their balls to touch, and a pillowcase comes to the rescue. Really? You were both just tag teaming Elaine a few moments ago – I imagine something brushed something else once or twice already.

      That’s my only real gripe, though, and overall I liked the progression of J.J. and Elaine – though I definitely enjoyed her narrative more. Randall Lang has brought a fun and sexy story here and turned the “older woman mentoring the younger man” trope just a smidgeon sideways in the process


      ISBN: 978-1-926931-02-9
      November 2010
      MuseItHOT Publishing
      23 Pages
      Rating: 3 Cups

      There is nothing to compare to having a best friend to
      share everything with, and he and his wife, Kate, are very
      lucky to have found theirs.

      They have known for years how to keep that spark going in
      their marriage, and Ron and Julie Buttermore are more than
      happy to share their secret.

      One night of laughter, fun, and way too much alcohol freed
      up any inhibitions that he and Kate were not aware they had.
      That night led to many more, and as time progresses, they learn
      to appreciate their special friendship with the Buttermores in
      a multitude of ways. It just takes a little imagination, and twin
      V8’s to really get things going.

      Well, I can certainly say I will never step foot on another boat
      without a little ring-a-ding running through my head. Playfully
      raunchy is how I would describe these two fun-loving couples.
      They are all adults and try to maintain some form of discretion,
      although a public lake in the middle of the day may be pushing
      it in my opinion, but the risk of exposure seriously amps up the
      excitement. This is a nice little morsel to whet the appetite,
      and I look forward to enjoying much more from Mr. Lang.

      Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

      Magnificent Man

      Our Price: $5.99
      Subject Category: Romance
      Publication Date: 2009

      Publisher: Midnight Showcase
      Release Date: 2009
      ISSN: 1555-5488 Vol.59-03SE
      Length: Novel
      Format: Electronic
      Genre: Contemporary Romance
      Source: R
      Sensuality Level: 3.5
      Rating: 5

      Reviewed by: BD Whitney

      Twenty years ago, Cassandra Taylor was the toast of
      Caddo Parrish and considered the most beautiful girl in
      Shreveport, Louisiana. Now she is a divorcée raising a
      teen-aged daughter, supporting her widowed mother, and
      barely making ends meet. She never lost the stars in her
      eyes, however, and when she reads a casting call looking
      for attractive older women who might be interested in
      a career in film, she knows that she owes it to herself
      to reach at least once for greatness. Her trip across
      country ends in disappointment, however, when the films
      in question end up being for adult entertainment, and
      despair starts in when her dilapidated car breaks down
      and she is left stranded in the middle of the Arizona desert.

      Cassie’s luck takes a turn when she is rescued by a knight
      of the desert – an amazing man on huge motorcycle, who
      addresses her as “my lady” and says that he is at her
      service. He might seem a little odd at first, but something
      about him just feels right as he assures her he will see her
      home safely. And so begins a week-long journey across the
      Southwest on the back of a motorcycle, in which time Cassie
      will get to know and love the noble and strangely innocent
      desert rider who treats her like a queen.

      Although Coyote is initially hesitant about physical
      intimacy, patience and perseverance on Cassie’s part
      break through his barriers, and love unlike any Cassie
      has ever known grows between them. She would like
      nothing more than to spend her forever with this
      magnificent man of strength and courage, but she has
      responsibilities at home that she cannot ignore.
      Coyote can’t be tied down away from the desert, and
      Cassie can’t turn her back on her family. She knows
      that if he must ride off without her at journey’s end,
      he will take her heart away with him.

      Randall Lang’s novel Magnificent Man was a very
      pleasant surprise for me. This is a unique and quite
      touching tale that mixes sensual romance, deep emotion,
      and a fair share of action to tell a story about the
      coming together of a disabled Desert Storm veteran and
      a faded beauty queen. It incorporates a fantastic
      travelogue through the Southwest, as the characters
      Coyote and Cassie visit remote villages, mesas, and
      National Parks and travel the back roads of Arizona
      and New Mexico by motorcycle. This is not a quick and
      easy read; in fact, you owe it to yourself to slow down
      a little with this one. I found myself savoring every
      description and every page of this pleasant and
      enveloping novel and not minding that I took a little
      longer to read it than I usually do.

      The descriptions are wonderful, and Mr. Lang brings
      the scenery and the characters to vivid life for the
      reader. Every day that passes brings a new adventure
      and a new set of faces that keep the story consistently
      interesting. And while Magnificent Man can at times be
      quite emotional, there are moments of humor interspersed
      throughout that break up the potential melodrama and
      balance the story nicely.

      Coyote at first seems to be a very strange character with
      his stilted speech and knight-like behavior. But very
      soon we look past that to his nobility, his love of nature,
      his almost childlike innocence. The best description of
      him comes straight from the mouth of his friend Frank:
      “He carries within him that knight’s code of nobility,
      chivalry, courage and truth that is completely absent in
      this real world.” He treats Cassie with a breath-taking
      tenderness that is as endearing as it is unusual and is
      overall a completely beguiling individual. The reason
      behind Coyote’s offbeat persona, when it is finally
      revealed, is quite touching and may very well bring
      tears to your eyes. It brought tears to my eyes, at least,
      but it’s not exactly news that I’m a soft touch when I read.

      Cassie is definitely a Southern gal, raised to be a lady
      and a prom queen. She has wisdom and empathy, however,
      that belie her sometimes ditzy veneer, and she can think
      and react on her feet with the agility of a con man. She
      isn’t put off any physical or mental imperfections that
      her desert knight may have – besides his physical beauty,
      she sees the beauty of his spirit and his strength of
      character. And unlike others, she can also see the fear
      and pain that he hides under the thin armor of his

      The references in Magnificent Man to Miguel Cervantes’
      Don Quixote de la Mancha are a very interesting touch.
      The story reveals that Don Quixote was one of Coyote’s
      favorite literary characters before his injury, and the
      name he takes afterwards, Don Coyote, mirrors this closely.
      Like Coyote, Don Quixote was also a little delusional and
      determined to defend the helpless with his misguided
      chivalry. Another possible parallel in the story can be
      found in Coyote’s friend and attorney, Frank Sancho, who
      would take the place of Sancho Panza in Cervantes’ tale.
      This makes me wonder if perhaps Cassie is intended to be
      Dulcinea, since knight-errant Coyote treats her like a
      princess, and if the motorcycle “El Caballo Negro” is
      Rocinante, although the bike is certainly no nag.

      Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent reading Magnificent
      Man. It is a romantic and very well-told tale that tugged
      at my heart and made me think about the true meaning of
      love. Well done, Mr. Lang, I hope that you give us more
      stories as charming as this one in the future.


      Cassie’s luck is finally looking up. After mistakenly
      applying for a role in a porno movie, her car breaks
      down and then to make matters worse a trucker wants
      payment in trade for giving her a ride. To top it all
      off she is accosted by a Mexican gang hell bent on
      raping her for fun. Just when she begins to wonder
      just how much she must endure, her day turns around
      with her rescue by the spirit of the desert.

      Don Coyote has no need for modern civilization. He has
      been happy in his nomadic life dedicated to helping
      those in need. Once he rescues Cassie she makes him
      crave so much more than a solitary existence.

      Cassie needs to return to her city life with her
      daughter and mother. Don Coyote believes that the
      price of living in the city is the loss of one’s
      soul and he is not sure he is ready to pay that big
      of a price. Can two people from completely different
      worlds find a place they can both be happy?

      All I can is, WOW! Don Coyote is the most unique
      character. The author used an amazing mix of innocence
      and sensuality that any woman would find appealing.
      The characters created by the author showcased the
      best and the worst of our world and left me feeling
      hope for all mankind. Magnificent Man is a compelling
      story that brings the characters to the reader and
      compels emotions for both Cassie and Don Coyote.


      Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


      Our Price: $4.99
      Subject Category: Erotica
      Publication Date: 2007

      Midnight Raunch Digest, The First Launching

      Slave To Love by Anna Fallon

      It had been two years since Marissa Black had joined
      Frisk, the local BDSM club. She was more like a social
      member with her curiosity wishing to learn about the
      lifestyle. If the right person came along and wished
      to participate she could, but after a year, no one had
      piqued her interest until Rick Sweeney breezed through
      the door. Six months later; she wanted Rick like no other
      man and would do anything to be his submissive. As Rick’s
      slave, she will go to great lengths to please him. She
      loved him and hoped he loved her as much. After their
      time spent together, he almost wants to take her in his
      arms and protect her from any bad thing in the world.
      Rick Sweeney, the man who designed computer software
      and millionaire by the age of twenty, had indeed fallen
      for Marissa. He needs her to do one more command to pass
      the test, but will she heed his command?

      Slave to Love is a tale that shows intense love,
      obedience and pushing buttons. Ms. Fallon spins a hot
      read with a master/slave relationship that gets hotter with
      each sentence. Get the ice bucket ready.

      Master Husband by Anna Fallon

      Steve Barret has been married to Kate for ten years, his
      first and only love. Her touch always excited him but
      of late with long working hours, their passion had been
      more of a memory. Today he had to go on a job to try to
      catch some riders who were riding dangerously. While the
      other motorcycle cops continued to allow the riders to slip
      through their fingers, he was more familiar with the area
      and knew the ins and outs. As he thought about Kate,
      sometimes he wondered what it would be like with someone
      else. When a biker goes past him in enticing black leather,
      he decides to go after the chase, never anticipating the
      ecstasy to follow.

      What a great gift! I love the wife/husband premise and the
      whole elements in this story. Steve and Kate are
      tantalizing people. The leather, and its effects, really
      molds this story well. Ms. Fallon has sketched a sizzling
      adventure with pizzazz to spice up any sex life.

      Orola, the Warrior Priestess-The Kiir by Herbert Grosshans

      Orola may be just one girl but she is far from helpless as
      she defends herself against five men that approach her,
      until a club struck her head. When she wakes and finds
      herself tied to stakes in the ground and each taking their
      turn with her, she vows revenge once she gets free. A
      young girl and man happen by, Neltie and Elto, and take
      her to their home. They tell her it was the Kellos that
      assaulted her. The hairy beastly men even stole the
      necklace around her neck, the Holy Communicator. She
      is Orola, the Warrior Priestess, and is welcomed into
      the young people’s home, as she is shown a warm
      passionate welcoming. When her recovery is over, the
      family wishes her to not seek her revenge on the Kellos,
      but as a Warrior Priestess, she must be who she really

      Orola, the Warrior Priestess-The Kiir is an
      intense read, keeping this reader spellbound. It is
      robust and entertaining. The story takes on different
      twists and turns that I enjoyed. This is not my first
      story by Herbert Grosshans that I have enjoyed.
      He knows how to capture the essence of his characters
      and weave a great tale.

      Butter Fingers by Mae Powers

      Kitty Samuels has a weird fantasy that she wishes to
      play out, once she finds the right person, even if she
      has to go into the red light district to find what she
      is looking for. When she enters the new swingers club,
      Play-Time something tells her she may have found her man.
      She loves the way he fills out a pair of jeans. After
      buying him a drink, she learns his name is Solon, and
      he’s gay. That makes her want him more. With some edible
      cocoa butter, Kitty is about to show him a fantasy to die

      Butter Fingers is one tasty read. The imagination of
      Mae Powers always enthralls me. She explores a
      fantasy that really touches upon her audience while making
      it one delicious read.

      Getting it Own by Mae Powers

      Sarah Mitchell was her name and Johnny wonders if she
      is playing hard to get or really isn’t interested in
      him. He would love to get her in his clutches and
      really excite her. Why do all the men seem like they
      get the women but him? Is it because they are rich and
      good-looking? He wants Sarah with a deep passion. It is
      hard for him to take his eyes off her. Sarah is aware
      Johnny is always staring and inquires is he going to
      stare at her all the time or invite her out? She tells
      the other guys no, so he figured why ask. Johnny is not
      like the other guys. He is the first white guy she has
      wanted to be with and together hopes they can find a way
      to get some magic started.

      I liked this story. Each person was different in their
      own way, making it an enjoyable read. Johnny was such
      a believable person, afraid he would never get the girl.
      No matter what the race or color of one’s skin, people
      fall in love, they have feelings and are human beings,
      and Mae Powers weaves a story quite engaging.

      Ten and Counting by Randall Lang

      He was her ‘Stevie’ and he had a way of making her
      mischief come out. His eyes and smile captivated her.
      When they were in school others called them ‘outsiders’
      or ‘geeks.’ Now years later, she, Kathy Johnson, misses
      those days with Stevie. Years pass, and one day an
      email catches her eye from Stevie. He wishes to see her
      and she agrees. When she sees him at the airport, he is
      wearing a blue Air Force uniform that only entices her
      more. Just this close to Stevie opens up many ideals
      that send her mind spinning.

      Ten and Counting brings back memories of high
      school and the first love that captured the heart.
      Randall Lang pens a delightful read I am sure
      many can relate. The storyline, with the reminiscing
      of school days and the blend of sensual delight, was a
      treat to read.

      Midnight Raunch Digest, The First Launching is a splendid
      assortment of tasty treats that are slow to sweet, to wild
      and really blazing. The wide assortment of each of these
      stories will certainly satisfy the reader. Each of these
      authors are really talented and their imaginations craft
      some gratifying tales. They know how to sketch characters
      that entertain the reader in this wonderful selection that
      shouldn’t be missed.

      Reviewed by: Linda L.


      ISBN # 1-55873-436-6
      August 2004
      Rennaisance E Books
      222 pages
      Sizzler – Romance

      Rating: 5 cups!

      This book is a compilation of works by author Randall
      Lang. The volume includes short stories with a variety
      of themes and characters. “For Love of Charlotte” is
      written in the first person point of view and contains
      the thoughts of a man obsessed with a former lover.
      “Car Sex” is about a long married couple and how they
      use a classic car to put some excitement back into their
      marriage. “Jessie's Threesome” is the story of a young
      woman who takes two lovers at once in her quest for
      pleasure. In “Roy,” a bored woman accompanying her
      husband on a business trip finds more than she bargained
      for when she books a massage while waiting for her spouse.
      “On the Night Bus” is the story of a jilted woman who
      attempts to deal with the evidence of her lover's infidelity.
      “Fertility Cocktail” is about a group of women and how
      they spend their nights out with the girls. “Special
      Treatments” is the story of a teacher and her relationship
      with a student. “In Our First Encounter,” we meet two
      couples who celebrate the swinging lifestyle, which they

      The characters are nicely described with interesting
      personalities. The different situations detailed in the
      various stories evoke a wide variety of emotions and images
      in the reader's mind. In one moment, I felt sadness at the
      despair of a man reliving his love through his dreams. In
      the next, I felt joy at the rediscovery of sensuality
      between a couple who had lost the spark of desire between
      them and were lucky enough to find it again. The sex
      scenes are so erotic and steamy, they left me breathless.
      The settings of the various tales are well detailed and
      appropriate to the storylines.

      Mr. Lang is a talented author who has penned a very
      creative collection of erotic stories that I greatly
      enjoyed. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys
      erotica in a variety of settings. Sweet Nothings 2 is
      most definitely a keeper!

      Susan White
      Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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