Hello Dear Reader.

      The "slug monster" is winning! Lately it seems that I just cannot get going. I have a couple of works in progress, but they are presently stalled. There always seems to be a convenient distraction to pull me away from my creative efforts and onto more pleasurable pursuits. Owning a motorcycle can be immensely distracting when the weather outside is sunny. It is SO much better to be out carving turns and smoking down the pavement than it is to be parked in the chair trying to compose naughty scenes.

      But ‘under the influence of the slug monster’ is not the same as dead. There are three new books that have been released and are available. Just as MuseItUp Hot Publishing picked up Boating with the Buttermores, a short story, now, they have picked up my latest short story, Lovers on a Train. It is the erotic story of a 50 year old divorced and burned-out man who meets a charming, twice-widowed 72 year old woman while traveling south to begin a new life. Age might bring physical limitations, but there are ways to compensate. Take a look at Lovers on a Train, the new smoking hot story from Randall Lang and MuseItUp Hot Publishing.

      MuseItUp Hot Publishing

      And while you’re at it, have a look at my other juicy new book, Marjorie’s Experiment, from Sizzler Editions and Renaissance E-Books. It’s the erotic story of a middle aged, empty nester couple who feel that their relationship and their lives are getting ‘stale’. They embark upon a series of swinging and bisexual adventures that restore the energy and vitality of their marriage. Follow Marjorie and Jim through their multiple encounters in Marjorie’s Experiment.

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      Don’t miss my new two part book, Mrs. Kaufman and Me, the story of an affair between a neglected college professor’s wife and a lonely student. Each hungrily joins the relationship and contributes to the other’s needs, making for a steamy story of sexual action. Mrs. Kaufman and Me is available from Sizzler Editions and Renaissance E-Books.

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      PART ONE

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      PART TWO

      Right now the “slug monster” is winning, making it difficult for my work ethic, such as it is, to triumph. But who knows how long that will last. A burst of creative energy could come at any time resulting in new and sexy new stories. So long as the ideas keep coming, I will keep writing. Please stay in touch for new and exciting books coming down the pike.

      I remain,

      Your most humble and obedient servant,

      Randall Lang

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