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      Publication Date: 2005

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      Pleasure's Choice: Older Women, Younger Men

      eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, Published: 2005
      Fictionwise Release Date: December 2005

      Older Women, Younger Men! Here is a unique compilation of four novelettes that share a common theme. Imagine the action when two hearty college studs match up for an evening with "Aunt Alice," a beautiful, seductive, and controlling woman who puts them through their sexual paces like a skilled driver with a team of horses. But horses have never put forth such enthusiasm as these two stallions. A handsome young doctor seems to have uncovered an entire new type of malady that affects lonely older women. Once he's diagnosed a woman with "Feminine Congestion," he is bound by his oath to alleviate her suffering. He uses his "special tool" and practiced techniques in his personal quest to cure this painful affliction, and in return, gains the gratitude and admiration of his patients. Join Dr. Richard Rollins on his crusade to end female discomfort wherever it may arise. "Aunt Betty" was his mother's best friend--busty, brassy, and sensual--every eighteen-year-old man's fantasy. With eyes that draw you in, a smile to leave you breathless, and a body that keeps you hard all the time. He had fantasized about her for years until one quiet morning erupted into a life-changing experience he would carry with him forever. Could you make adult films? How do you get in? What is it like? What are the people like? Take a peek behind the scenes. Find out what it's like for a young man to be a "Film Star" playing the love interest for a sexy older woman. In Pleasure's Choice, Randall Lang, the brilliant young author of Trailer Park Nights, presents his best book of erotica ever!

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