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      Randall Lang grew up in the tough coal fields of southwestern Pennsylvania where nothing came easily. It was a world of limited opportunity and few roles to follow. Dreams were quickly vanquished in the shadows of necessity and creativity was usually buried beneath an avalanche of cynicism.

      However, epiphanies come in all shapes, sizes, and in a wide range of locations. Twelve-hour days in the dark, wet, often cold environment of the underground work place can have the unexpected effect of freeing the mind to drift away from such a hostile world into one of burning desire, passionate kisses, soft touches, and the intense magnetism that draws men and women together. The mind can then assemble thoughts into ideas, ideas into images, and images into stories. Not fleeting, forgettable stories that vaporize in the daylight, but rather stories that take on a life all their own and burn into the soul allowing no rest until they are written down. Even hand written on scraps and bits of paper is adequate, but the stories demand to be written. The characters interject themselves into each free moment as taskmasters, not halting their persistence within the mind until their place is safely secured by pen upon paper. No sooner would one such collection release their writer than the next would take their place. And yet, these are not demons to torment the writer, but rather they are blessed angels bringing energy and excitement into a mundane life. For as each character, each scenario, each interaction passes through the mind it leaves a spark behind. A spark that remains to enlighten and to emotionally warm. As the stories flow, the spark becomes a flame that resurrects a spirit repressed and opens the doorway to an ever-widening horizon.

      Authors say that characters frequently take on lives of their own and drive the stories, often in directions unforeseen by the writer. This is very true, but sometimes it goes beyond just driving the stories. At least in my case, the characters and their stories became a driving force to make significant changes in my life. Changes that opened my eyes to the world around me; a world that I seemed to have somehow missed for entirely too many years. Now with the support and caring of my dearest friend, my life has regained adventure and a sense of hope. As I close in upon the opportunity to be free of what seemed like never-ending bondage, the road ahead is finally bright, exciting and new. Each of my books contains a final page entitled “Author’s Notes” in which I attempt to convey to my readers the thoughts and feelings that surged through me as each book made its way from concept through development to conclusion. These are my sincere attempts to connect with my readers and to express my gratitude to them for joining me in the worlds that my characters have created. I am,

      Your most humble and obedient servant,

      Randall Lang

      Randall Lang continues to reside in southwestern Pennsylvania with hope of finding that perfect combination of blue water, clear skies, smooth liquor, and good friends.

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